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Northern Lights

A New Kind of Table

Please Don't Kill Us is an interactive Dungeons & Dragons show that puts the power in the viewers hands to make decisions through polls that will change the future of the game! But please.....don't kill us.

Northern Lights

The Players

We play live, in person, around a table in New York City! Our goal is to make live D&D more accessible and approachable for everyone, so we try to keep our episodes between 2-3 hours. From home-brewed adventures, to published content, to one shots, to making an actual AI robot be our Dungeon Master, you never know what is in store for you at PDKU.

Northern Lights

The Killers

Here's what makes PDKU different. Throughout the game, the audience votes LIVE on what happens to us and around us. They have chosen everything from a characters death, to who someone is going to play in a campaign, to picking a real life tattoo for one of the cast! Watching LIVE is the best way to experience PDKU at its best!

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