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Northern Lights



Air Pressure

In the coastal city of Waterdeep, five adventurers come together at the Yawning Portal Inn, unaware of a looming danger that threatens their entire world. A danger that may take them where they would never believe: through time, space, and beyond the shores of the Astral Sea…


Fruitcake Carnage

When the thriving edible world of Refrigeratearth is threatened by a human telling them that the citizens of Fruit York are going to be made into a fruit cake, our troupe of heroic fruits (Grapefruit, Rita the Raspberry, Tonya the Tomato, and Prospero the Pomegranate) travel to the peaks and valleys of the fridge to put a stop to this carnage. Will this entirely queer cast be able to work together to stop their impending demise?

Air Pressure


A friendly coven in South Peabody, Massachussetts is preparing for their annual harvest festival when they catch wind that their neighbors in Salem are beginning a witch hunt. The coven sets out to get to the bottom of the witch hate, change hearts and minds, take down the evil overlords wreaking havok for the local witch community, and restore peace to Salem... just in time for the solstice...

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