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One Shot Kills

Bite-sized adventures filmed in one sitting

We put ChatGPT, the AI writing tool that recently exploded in popularity, to the test to see if it can run plan, describe, and run an entire Dungeons & Dragons one-shot adventure. From creating characters and generating a plot to making NPCs and giving descriptions, we let AI do the dungeon mastering in this live play with very little preparation. Can AI be a useful tool to TTRPG DMs and players, or is it just a fad?

AI One-Shot

Two Christmases ago, Santa’s disgruntled Elves killed old Saint Nick. One Christmas ago, they tracked Kris Kringle’s immortal spirit to NYC, discovering it in the star at the top of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. Now, in this unbalanced, unhinged Level 20 D&D two-shot special, our Holiday Heroes will dive into the literal flames of Hell to retrieve the star, destroy Santa’s soul, and save their friend who took it down below. But can holiday cheer triumph in the land of damnation? Or will all hope melt away…

Santa Must Die

When a group of rich diva hobgoblins (Alyx Weiss, Amy Ordman, and Jack Dodge) find themselves on a luxury yacht, they find they are getting more than they bargained for… and face challenges of their nightmares. In this One-Shot Kill, the stakes are higher than ever.

The Real Hobgoblins of Bimperly Hills

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